• Image of Archie Leather Thongs
  • Image of Archie Leather Thongs

Made from Genuine Leather

We recommend measuring your child's foot (standing up) and ordering a Centimetrer two up in size if you are unsure.
please keep in mind that they are hand made.

Please read information tab for terms and conditions

We cannot change sizes once ordered so please choose carefully, we do not refund for incorrect size or choice.


  • 13cm rubber sole 12-18 months
    0 in stock
  • 14cm rubber sole 18-24 months
    0 in stock
  • 15cm rubber sole 2-3 years
    2 in stock
  • 16cm rubber sole 3-4 years
    3 in stock
  • 17cm rubber sole 4-5 years
    1 in stock
  • 18cm rubber sole 5-6 years
    3 in stock
  • 19cm rubber sole 6-7 years
    4 in stock
  • 20cm rubber sole 7-8 years
    0 in stock